A final frontier

Boomer Wisdom

There was a time that space was touted as the final frontier as we could see space, we existed in space, but, we had not traveled in space. Then history occurred and it was, “one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind” (Neil Armstrong, July, 1969). After that singular event, there have been many trips to space and as is wont to happen, tragedies of monumental proportions that have mingled in our memories with the many auspicious accomplishments.

We watched the astronauts, swaddled in those seemingly uncomfortable hot suits, march off smiling to take a seat in a small cylindrical cone atop a liquid bomb. Men and women nonchalantly walking like they were simply sauntering off on a sunny day on the way to the office.

Later we would see how they were strapped into pod-like seats in a circular fashion as they waited for that fuel…

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